Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.) is a band founded by Daniel Eliseev for recording and presenting his own music. In 2016 the founder released  his first demo and began to engage different musicians for the project. In 2017 the recoding sessions for the first album of the band started. The project is open for different genres of music, but progressive rock have a central role in the style of the band. The debut album is absolutely dedicated to a palette  of the diversity of the classical and modern prog-rock. Most of the project members are well known musicians in Bulgaria.

On October 15th the first single of D.E.P was released - the opening track of the album - “Alter Ego”. This track was released with an official videoclip available in YouTube:  

On 8th of November 2018 the debut album”Night Shadow” of the band will be released. The album contains 8 tracks with more than 44 minutes length. The compositions included in the album skillfully combine the traditions of classic progressive rock with the influences of modern progressive rock. Beside the electric guitars, bass, synthesizers and drums, you can hear the sound of classical guitar, acoustic guitars, viola da gamba, violin, glockenspil. The vocal lines are very complex and they are decorated with additional vocal harmonies ( influenced by Gentle Giant , Yes ).

Line up for the first album includes:

Daniel Eliseev - is a guitar player, composer and arranger known in Bulgaria with his work with the bands- Avalon, Travelhouse, Arx, Insight, Prog-Rock Tribute Bulgaria, Sekta, Modus, Surbahar, TubeFx, Samodelia, Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.). Since 2013 he has been focused on one side writing and producing his own author's music and on other side in developing his own private music school "Infinity".

Konstantin Djambazov - is an amazing musician! Virtuoso guitarist and keyboard player, advanced and inspired composer, arranger and skilled singer. He has more than 11 solo albums in different genres. He is also known with his work with Nikolo Kotzev, Joe Lynn Turner, Nelko Kolarov and the bands Hades, Fobos, Odesos, Amethist, Totall, Jekyl Hyde.

George Varamezov - is a well known drummer in Bulgaria, but he is also a multi instrumentalist. He is a founder and producer of the bands Sekta, Rush Tribute Sofia and Prog-Rock Tribute Bulgaria. He had been a member of some very popular bands and solo artists like Django Ze, Milena, R.OB.T.F. Nina Nikolina, Charisma, Irina Florin, Ostava, Donnie and Nettie.

Kalin Tonev - is a bulgarian musician and composer known with his autor's projects Travelhouse - with album "Mind Mapping" 2008 and his solo album "Machine Years" 2017. He was a member of the bands Alegro, Rush Tribute Band. At the moment he is working on his author's music and also like a member of Garry Moore Tribute Band, Prog-Rock Tribute Bulgaria and Daniel Eliseev Project.

Venci Pavlov - is a bass player in some popular bands - Liquid Pension, Boko Blues Band, Bluestream.

Neli Toteva -she is well known as lead singer of the bands Sekta, Rush Tribute Sofia and many other bands and projects -Davy Jones Sound Forge, Da dogs, The-S-Project, Before midnight, Davy Jones, Janis Joplin Tribute Sofia, Slayer  tribute, RUSHI, Mad Secret Consert, X Factor Bulgaria.

Nikolaj Samardjiev - is a big fan of the music and especially of progressive rock. In the past he had been a singer and lyricist of the band Pride. At present time he writes poetry.

Emil Mihov - is a musician with special interests on baroque music and also is a fan of progressive rock. He plays on different types of gambas and old fashioned flute.

Sara Panosyan - is a young bulgarian violinist with lots of concerts as a soloist and a member of some classical music orchestras..

Pavel Stoychev - is a sound engineer but also a well known musician with lots of author's projects - Surbahar, TubeFx, Harno, Pumpal. He is also known as a drummer of the bands - Band Of Mad Women, Bluba Lu, Samodelia, Jarava, TFSL.