Daniel Eliseev Project ( D.E.P.) is a band project  founded and led by Daniel Eliseev -for recording and perfomance his own music. On 8th of November 2018 the band released their first album "Night Shadow". 

Band members:

Daniel Eliseev - composer, arranger, producer, guitars, bass guitars, backing vocals, keyboards, lirycs and programing

Konstantin Djambazov - lead and backing vocals, keyboards

George Varamezov - drums, percussion, fretless bass

Kalin Tonev - keyboards

Venci Pavlov - bass and fretless bass

Neli Toteva - female vocals and backing vocals

Nikolaj Samardjiev - lirycs, backing vocals

Guest musicians:

Emil Mihov - viola da gamba

Sara Panosyan - violin

Pavel Stoychev - sound engineering, tambourine

Daniel Eliseev
Neli Toteva
  Konstantin Djambazov
Nikolaj Samardjiev
George Varamezov
Emil Mihov
Kalin Tonev
Sara Panosyan
Venci Pavlov
Pavel Stoychev

 Daniel Eliseev is well known in his home country as member of the bands Avalon, Insight, Arx, Spiral Edge and more other. Daniel Eliseev is also member of the band Travelhouse - album “Mind Mapping” 2008 and also appear as a guest musician in the Kalin Tonev's album “Machine Years”2017. As a guitar player he is a member of two succesful tribute bands – Led Zeppelin Tribute-Bulgaria and Prog Tribute-Bulgaria.

  Konstantin Djambazov is a virtuoso multiinstrumentalist and singer.  He has more than 10 solo albums. Throughout his career he has worked with musicians such as  Joe Lynn Turner  (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen) and with Nikolo Kotzev ( Brazon Abbot , rock opera Nostradamus ).

 George Varamezov is a bulgarian drummer and multiinstrumentalist. Throughout his career he was worked with some very popular bands and artist in Bulgaria - Milena, Django Ze, Rushi Vidinliev, R.O.B.T.F., Ostava, Nina Nikolina, Karizma. He is well known as producer and musician in Rush Tribute - Sofia and Prog-Rock Tribute Bulgaria.

 Kalin Tonev is a composer, arranger and keyboard player. He was worked with some very popular bands in Bulgaria as Alegro and Nora Band. He is well known as a band leader of Travelhouse and also with his very high class progressive rock solo album "Machine Years".

 Venci Pavlov was a bass player in the instrumental progressive rock band Liquid Pension. 

 Neli Toteva is a singer with very rich biography - Sound Forge, Da dogs, The-S-Project, Before midnight, Davy Jones and many other. Also projects as Janis Joplin Tribute Sofia, RUSH Tribute Sofia, Slayer  tribute, RUSHI, Mad Secret Consert, X Factor Bulgaria.

 Emil Mihov is a musician with special interests in antique and baroque music. He is member of different chamber orchestras for antique and baroque music.

 Sara Panosyan is an young bulgarian violinist with lot of concerts and awards from different concourses. Currently she is violinist in Classic FM Orchestra.

 Pavel Stoychev is a sound engineer, producer, composer and drummer. He is known with his artistic name Surbahar and with his authors projects- Surbahar Live Band and Tube FX.