The Daniel Eliseev Project band was nominated for the The IndeProg Awards (IPA) The IPA is a testament of good will and a gesture in recognition of accom- plishment above and beyond the realm of excellence.
FNP hosts The IndeProg Awards -
The main categories are Composition, Instrumental, Vocal and Original. We are in the Vocal category.
And this is the song:

Daniel Eliseev Project in Fireworks magazine
D.E.P. - on radio stations

08.10.2018 - Our first single "Alter Ego" is coming on October 15th

 tuesday 02.10.2018 - Dear friends and supporters, we are very happy to announce that on 8th of November will be the promotion of the debut album of Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P). Soon we will publish detailed information.This is the frontal side of the album cover. Great work of the graphic designer Ivo (Kuker) Christov! 


 First promo video for the album

20.06.2018 - We almost finished mixing of our first single. :)